Wooden Flooring Installation

Our timber flooring services include flooring installation. All jobs are fully supervised, we ensure an expert and professional job, completed on time and according to your quote.

We can pull up and remove you existing floor and prepare rooms for your new floor. Floor boards can be installed across beams or battens.  Once the room is ready installation can be completed quite quickly.

Boards are nailed to the battens using a nail gun.

Alternatively your floor can be laid over concrete – this can be either floating (not nailed or glued) or glued in place.

When we book the installation date and time, we will allow adequate time for preparation.

The concrete will need to be smooth and free of bumps and hollows to ensure a perfect finish and long life. We have the equipment to grind out any lumps and can also fill any hollows.

Other preparation includes ensuring there is adequate room for your new floor under door architrave and ensuring there is no dust or loose particles on the floor, which will prevent the floor from sticking properly.

Once the concrete is prepared we will lay and stick down underlay that will dampen the sound and protect the floor. Your new floor is then laid over the underlay.

Most modern floor planks are interlocking via a tongue and groove or similar system, meaning floor boards fit together neatly, without ugly gaps.

Worried about expansion and shrinkage due to moisture content or changing conditions? Don’t fret. We only use timber that has had time to acclimatise to the environment. If your floor is going into a room where temperature and humidity is constantly changing then we will recommend the most suitable timber for the room and the conditions. We also allow sufficient space around the perimeter of the floor for some movement.

Want to save some money on your timber flooring installation?

You can save money on you installation by preparing your room in advance.

  • Clear all furniture
  • Pull up the old floor
  • Remove skirting boards
  • Remove nails from the beams.

It is also very helpful if we can have clear access to the room.


Sand and Polish

Sanding Your Floor

Once your new floor is laid we will prepare it for finishing. Our state of the art sanding equipment ensures a superb, smooth surface in readiness for the finish you have chosen. We also bring old floors back to life!

Worried about filling your home with wood-dust? Don’t be concerned. Our dustless sanding equipment captures 99% of the dust generated by sanding and means you won’t have a huge mess to clear up afterwards.

The Finishing Touch

Once your floor has been sanded we will remove any residual sawdust or particles and apply the finish. The number of coats applied will depend on the type of finish you have chosen.

Choice of Wood Finishes

We can supply pretty much any finish you require from the old traditional polish to modern water based varnish. Colour can be applied at this stage if required or you can stay with the natural beauty of the timber.

We can sand all types of flooring from newly installed to existing and worn timber floors. Or we can add just a simple refreshing maintenance coat. We use quality equipment and the latest dustless systems to take on any type of job.

Repairs and coatings

We can repair all existing flooring including insurance work using recycled timber from our extensive network of suppliers. Staining options with ranges of coating options including water based non toxic and oil natural finishes.

All our work is completed to Australian standards, manufacturer’s recommendations and ATFA Guidelines. We are proud to be a member of                                      the ATFA.

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All our work is completed to Australian standards, manufacturer's recommendations and ATFA Guidelines.
We are proud to be a member of the ATFA.